It is our mission to provide the help that you need within a Christ-centered enviroment. The Bible provides us with principles and truths to help us thrive in daily living. We believe that God wants to restore every part of our lives including our relationships. Our purpose is to help people come to know the life God intended for us. 

Ministry Leader: Lakewood Team Member  Contact: (727) 856-1770



We are here to comfort our brother's and sister's in the body of Christ. To bring them hope and joy in knowing that God loves them and will take care of them.

Ministry Leader: Lakewood Team Member  Contact: (727) 856-1770



Comfort, Assistance, Restoration, Encouragement (C.A.R.E.)

Vision:  Providing CARE for those in need that are unable or need assistance to care for themselves.

Mission:  Compiling a team of care givers with various skills to meet practical and spiritual needs as required.providing Visitation to .., Hospitalized, Home Bound, Nursing Homes/Rehabs, Hospice, Grieving (Death, Divorce, Recovery) providing practicalSupport, including but not limited to ..,

  • Transportation: to Dr.(s), store, errands, etc.
  • Essentials: Food (hot meals), prescriptions, etc.
  • Comfort:  Ministry of presence, Prayer, Scripture readings.., and other means of providing for physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort.  

Ministry Leader: Lakewood Team Member Contact: (727) 856-1770